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The Winter Colour Palette 2023

Elegant neutrals and restful muted tones, mixed with sensational and exuberant contrasts, is what the 2023 winter palette looks like. But who decides...? Rather than being decided upon, colour palettes are predicted, by colour experts and psychologists, based on cultural and social changes. For example, as we find ourselves on the other side of a pandemic, it appears we need to reconnect with nature, the environment and each other.

Thus, sterile, cool and austere colours, are replaced with warm, natural, nurturing and relaxing hues, which make us feel secure, grounded, and connected, this winter. In this post, I am sharing with you the Dulux palette called 'Connect', which is part of the 2023 colour forecast, 'Balance', 'Connect' and 'Revive'. I chose 'Connect' for this newsletter, because it is the perfect winter palette, featuring three main aspects: - Nurture Nature - Contrasting Elements - Cosy Warmth.


Nurture Nature

''Nurture Nature' features soft earthy neutrals, naturals, muted greens, and wheat yellows, combined with accents of warm deep brown, grey and charcoal, all found in nature, thus providing calm, comfort and connection with nature, in the winter months especially, when we spend more time indoors. (Palette shown below)

Wall paint colour featured in this image: Dulux Sandy Day.

@Dulux Colour Forecast 2023
@Dulux Colour Forecast 2023

Contrasting Elements

'Contrasting Elements', is a range of subtle neutrals, such as 'Apparition', to dramatic earthy hues, such as the 'Basset Brown'. Basset Brown is a sensational contrasting wall colour, if you wish to express your authenticity. Alternatively, why not mimic this colour in accent pieces, upholstery, or accessories? It contrasts beautifully with 'Research', 'Stilted Stalks' and 'Wasabi', against neutrals such as 'Sandy Day' or 'Apparition'.


Cosy Warmth

Nothing feels warmer or cosier in winter, than relaxed comfortable spaces in muted hues of brown based orange, such as the 'Cinamon Sand'. A great hue for relaxed and enjoyable human interaction, also conducive to creativity and productivity. Combined with 'Sandy Day' and 'Namandi' feels grounding, safe and warm.

@Dulux Colour Forecast 2023

Whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or the city, the 'Connect' palette from Dulux, is beautifully put together. As shown below, its many variations of earthy hues, neutral colours and invigorating contrasting greens and yellows, make it possible to create a palette which works in your living space, bringing a sense of stability, connection and warmth this winter!


Next month's post: Four tips to elevate your space.

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