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By popular demand, we introduce, Interior Designer For A Day!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

In this post I explain our new service 'Interior Designer for A Day', a new service we introduced by popular demand.

If you are a hands-on person, then this service is for you!

Learn why we introduced this service and what you can expect.

To explain this new service, I'd like to describe a little about the 'Consultation' and 'Concept and Design' services we offer, as 'Interior Designer For A Day', falls somewhere in between the two .


Our interior design in-home consultation is the first step of your interior design journey, and remains one of our most sought-out services.

Sessions last one or two hours, and a written report, follows within a week or so, comprising client brief, interior designer recommendations and inspirational images, as well as images of relevant product available through our suppliers. Depending on your requirements we then move to the next step -'Concept and Design'.


We develop a design concept which we normally present five to six weeks from commencement, using 3D rendering and mood boards. This forms the foundation or the blue print of the proposed renovation project. The client can opt to implement the design or leave the implementation too us. To keep things simple I will not explain the details of our implementation service in this post.


Consequently we realized, there was a gap between the two services - 'Consultation' and ' Concept and Design' - as some clients who are "hands on" are asking for more of the consultation service and less or non of the design. Thus, Interior Designer For A Day was added to our list of services.


This service is totally different to the two I describe above, as it is specifically for clients who don't need design and need more consultation time.

They might know what they want, nevertheless just as they are about to finalize their selections, they realize something doesn't quite "gel".... Perhaps as the overwhelming variety of choices, can blur the focus, it can cause them to lose their way, in terms of their set direction. That's when one is in need of a rescue.

A rescue mission

Interior Designer For A Day is a rescue mission. For six solid ours you have a designer by your side go through your selections, layouts, colors, looking for potential pitfalls which may have been overlooked and would result in costly mistakes.

The objective is not to rethink the client's vision or change their plans at this stage, but rather, to stay on point, assisting the client make the correct selections and decisions with confidence, achieving the desired result!


  1. The luxury of having your designer by your side for six whole hours assisting you solve your dilemmas within the day!

  2. Saving on repeat short consultation sessions, and loosing your momentum - that stop and start feeling....

  3. Saving valuable time and energy in endlessly going backward and forward to showrooms.

  4. Avoiding frustration, pitfalls, and costly mistakes.

  5. Affording you peace of mind!

Watch video

Fill the contact form to book a 15 minute obligation free discovery call to determine if this is the service for you!


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