My expertise is, to help reclaim your space,

express your style and live the life you want!

I am the founder and Interior Designer of Despina Design, an interior design consultancy servicing the Perth metro area since 2001.

My passion and talent, for transforming and reinventing space to suit individual lifestyles, together with a commitment to a highly personalised service, has resulted in the continued success, of Despina Design, which I measure by our loyal clientele, who are always happy to recommend my services to their friends and family.

To discover more about my work, you may  browse the pages below, make an enquiry via email, or over the phone.t




"Living space is a basic human entitlement,

which becomes a privilege only when designed to be conducive to the occupant's enjoyment

and self-expression."

At Despina Design we believe our clients deserve the privilege of personalised Interior Design. We create beautiful living spaces and innovative pieces which are aesthetically pleasing and work well for the occupant. Our process is as personalised as are our designs, focused on the client's individual lifestyle, and our services are as diverse as are their specific needs.

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