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  • What is the difference between a decorator and an interior designer?
    Interior design is the science and art of spatial manipulation and the understanding of human phycology. The successful application of these skills results in arranging a space in a way which makes it conducive to the wellbeing and enjoyment of the occupants. Decoration on the other hand, is limited to the adorning of a space - a limited aspect of what an interior designer is trained to do. To find more about interior design read this article: INTERIOR DESIGN WHO NEEDS IT?
  • At which phase of the project it is best to consult an interior designer?​
    This is a good question! Unlike decorators, interior designers should be consulted at the conceptual stage of a project. This is vital, whether you’re building or renovating, because as interior designers we have the skills and expertise to assist you through the daunting process of space planning and selections. Most of our clients utilise our skills from the very start, thus saving themselves from costly mistakes and double handling, ensuring in turn a successful end result the first time. To find out more about the way you can use our services click HERE.
  • What is your complete interior design process?
    Our complete interior design service consists of five main steps. Initial consultation is the first step - During that meeting we discern and identify the client's specific needs and objectives. The opportunities we see for improvement in the way a space functions are discussed, as well as who will be using the space, furniture and equipment. Measurements and photos are also taken at this time and we request a copy of the house plan. Quotation/ Agreement is the second step- Following the programming phase (initial consultation) we formulate and present to the client a design fee quotation. This document clearly explains the terms of our service and forms the foundation of our agreement with the client. Concept Proposals is the third step- We develop space planning, furniture layouts, colour schemes, preliminary furniture and finish ideas which we present to the client using drawings, colour boards an 3D technology for review and revision. Design Presentation is the fourth step - Once our schematic proposals are reviewed and approved by the client, we develop floor plans, elevations and other related items in greater detail. Accordingly, we refine colours and finishes and select furniture, textiles and equipment. We then prepare and present the completed design along with cost estimates for review and final approval. Implementation and project delivery is the fifth step- This is the final stage where things are built and installed. We oversee the entire process working closely with our contractors and suppliers to ensure items are received in good condition, installed correctly, and that documents have been followed properly. We finally style and present the project to show standard. Find out more about our services HERE
  • What are your fees?
    Our fee structure varies depending on the type of service we provide. Our consultation service fee is based on an hourly rate. A typical in-home consultation within the metro area, starts at $330.00 For design and implementation services we charge a flat fee - We estimate the time and resources required per each project and provide a quotation. To find out more click SERVICES.
  • Where do your source the beautiful furniture and home-wares featured on your projects?
    We source furniture and home-wares, from specialised trade suppliers, who keep abreast with all the latest trends from Europe. Their showrooms are open to architects and interior designers who take their clients on showroom visits by appointment. To find out more, click BRANDS WE LOVE!
  • Do you work with clients working on a remote location?
    Many of our clients work or live on a remote location whilst we work on their project. We maintain close communication with them and provide regular project updates. Find out more about our full interior design service HERE

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