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Be inspired with the new Alfresco furniture directions for 2019!

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

With winter gone it is time to spruce up our patios and start thinking alfresco living and entertaining!  If the sunny days we've had lately haven't inspired you yet, I hope this overview of the alfresco furniture directions for 2019 will! 

North Beach Perth
Despina Design Alfresco Fitout Project

Gone are the days of stackable chairs and having to choose between style and the outdoors! As most Australians live at and around the coast, the desire and need to merge the alfresco and interior living zones is being addressed by modern architecture, which has brought the outdoors in. But when the outdoor furniture spoils the view or is not as comfortable, do we have to choose between style and outdoor living? Not anymore!

Furniture designers have been responding in recent years by providing solutions which diminish the inside and out lines. They are offering to the interior design industry products which enable us to bring style and comfort to the alfresco living areas of our projects! Pushing the boundaries with the aid of textile and material technologies they deliver:

  • Products and designs which have taken outdoor furniture out of the "poor relative" realm. 

  • Durable and stylish designs, with all the creature comforts and pizazz!

  • Variety of styles textures and colors to coordinate with an and enhance your interior design style.

As the collage bellow portrays, you can now have fully upholstered chairs, ottomans and sofas, on your deck or patio, especially formulated for outdoor use.

Additionally there is a wide range of outdoor home wears and accessories such as, throw cushions and floor rugs to choose from.

Above and below image credits - Kettal, Warwick Fabrics, B&B Italia.

Consequently, we can now enjoy the great West Australian outdoors in style! Furniture which feels comfortable and its also a continuation of our interior living spaces. Some of these new outdoor furniture pieces, could in fact be used as interior pieces without compromising style.

Above Despina Design project: Kallaroo

Below you will find links to the websites of our suppliers where you will find more inspiration. If you need information about ordering a product, ask your interior designer or contact Despina Design Shopping services

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