Let there be lights!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

What is the single most important aspect of an interior?

Imagine you have booked the best seat in the house and you are seating there in great anticipation to enjoy a huge stage production, performed by your favorite actors. The music is said to be out of this world and stage props are to be spectacular, but as the curtains are drawn, you cannot see much. As the play progresses you feel frustrated. Why? The lighting is poor! Yes lighting plays a key role! Without good lighting even an extravagant stage production is a non event! 

Ligting in interior design is as important as stage lighting is to a concert.

The same applies to a home interior! A designed interior just like a stage set, is not complete without good lighting. This is why if one was to ask - what is the single most important aspect of an interior - I would say lighting! 

How a light source can multi task as space enhancer and definer

In interior design lighting is much more than beautiful table lamps, accent and task lighting or the difference between cool and warm light temperature, which are the staples of a lighting scheme and are a must to correctly illuminate a room and facilitate tasks, as well as ensure the safety of the occupants. What I want to highlight in this article is the role  lighting plays as an architectural tool or accessory!  Although lighting is correctly refereed to as 'key', I look at it more as a Swiss knife! Why, when used skillfully it can manipulate and distort the volume, proportion and ambience of space, define and highlight aspects and elements in a room and even deceive the eye by creating virtual color and texture!  All of that can be achieved with lighting! 

Suspension grouping used as feature and effect lighting beneath console to enhance floating quality

A skilled interior designer will make good use of lighting by recruiting different types and layers of lighting to render their design in the best light possible, whilst facilitating and enhancing the life of the occupants. The correct combination of different types of lighting is a huge contributor to the success of any look.

Interior design professionals as well as lighting designers are available to assist in developing a lighting plan that will not only aesthetically and functionally meet the requirements of your living space, but also maximize its appeal!

So if you are wondering whether you should skimp on lighting, don't! Work along with your designer, budget for lighting and let there be light!

Suspesion Lighting by Satelight Design
Combination of suspension and recessed industrial lighting.


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