Bathroom Design Trends 2019

Updated: May 13, 2019

Minimalist Organic Functional Radical

Simple yet stylish this organic range of bathroom furniture from La Forma, changes the way we look at bathroom design!

The clean form of the furniture combines well with the geometric pattern in the tiling whilst bronze faucet adds class

The recycled feel of the natural teak timber, finished with a clear lacquer, is something we never considered for bathrooms until now. It takes the bathroom out of the realm of cold and clinical and brings it into the realm of functional and cozy. This is in line with the current interior design direction, influenced by our urge to experiment, revolt and react to our rapidly changing world. At the same time it fosters inclusivity in its radical approach of combining pastel colours with raw finishes, function with comfort, minimalism with charm, elegance with ruggedness, design with spontaneity.

When it comes to tiling along with the timeless stone finishes, we see more mosaics and whimsical geometrical patterns in apricot and soft greens, white and grey, as well as bold colours.

In bathroom tapware, we see a fusion of modern with traditional form, matt finish bronze, copper, gun metal, and black, along with the nickel and chrome.

In essence the new bathroom trends show we want our bathroom to be an extension of our house. A warm nurturing space of relaxation mediation and enjoyment.

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